CEO Anonymous With Purdeep Sangha
Navigating New Horizons: How To Get Investors To Pull Out Their Wallet
April 4, 2024
Welcome back to CEO Anonymous, where we dive into the minds behind the wheel of today's top companies. In this episode, we have Silvio Rotilli, a trailblazer who's revving up the electric motorcycle industry with his company, Auper. From his humble beginnings in Brazil, Silvio has ridden an inspirational journey to become the CEO determined to revolutionize transportation. As we peel back the layers of Silvio's story, we'll explore how motorcycles are not merely a mode of transport but a lifeline in developing countries. He'll share with us the drive behind Auper's leap into uncharted territory, crafting electric motorcycles with cutting-edge safety technology that doesn't break the bank. Join us as Silvio discusses the challenges of making eco-friendly two-wheelers that stand out, his strategies for securing investor confidence, and how he maintains the momentum in an industry where tradition often clashes with progress. Whether you're a budding CEO, an eco-conscious commuter, or an enthusiast of disruptive technology, this is one ride you won't want to miss. Let's buckle up and get ready to hit the road with Silvio Rotilli.
In this insightful episode of CEO Anonymous, host Purdeep Sangha engages with electrifying guest Silvio Rotilli, the innovative mind behind Auper—an electric motorcycle company revolutionizing transportation through advanced technology. Silvio reveals the motivations for taking the path less traveled in the motorcycle industry, the significance of self-sufficiency, and the tactical approach to overcoming common industry challenges. From the streets of Brazil to the tech labs of Canada, Silvio’s journey exemplifies tenacity and vision—a relentless pursuit to enhance the safety and efficiency of motorcycles for a global impact.

Key Discussion Points:

1. Silvio's background from Brazil and the personal driving force behind his venture into the electric motorcycle industry.

2. The necessity of motorcycles in daily life in developing countries and the resultant safety and pollution issues they present.

3. Auper’s origin story as a tech company focused on solving core problems in motorcycle transportation with innovation and affordability.

4. The strategic decision to design and develop motorcycle technology in-house, aimed at reducing dependencies and fostering innovation.

5. The role of software in enhancing the safety and security of motorcycles, from ABS to encrypted anti-theft solutions.

6. The importance of fleet management and telemetry for efficient large-scale deliveries utilizing electric motorcycles.

7. Comparing Auper's approach to traditional motorcycle manufacturers and other industry players transitioning to electric models.

8. Discussion on the continuity and necessity of combustion engine motorcycles due to infrastructure challenges and varying use cases.

9. Building trust with investors, derisking, and the nuances of raising capital for hardware-centric ventures.

10. Purdeep's contemplation on adopting EV technology and the considerations unique to cold climates.

11. Silvio's focus on compelling storytelling and vision-casting to captivate investors and potential partners.

Guest Information:

- Guest: Silvio Rotilli, CEO and Founder of Auper

- Background: Electrical Engineer with a Ph.D. from Canada, moved from Brazil with a vision to innovate in the electric motorcycle space

- Reach: Connect with Sililio on LinkedIn for investment opportunities or to learn more about Auper.

Resources Mentioned:

- Auper: Information on Auper’s technology and mission. (Website undergoing updates)

- GMC EV Denali: Consideration of new EV technologies in the context of Canada’s climate and emissions targets.

- Warm introductions versus cold approaches: The value of connections and relationships in business expansion and investment.

Closing Thoughts:

Silvio provides valuable insights into the art of combining innovation with practical business strategy. For entrepreneurs facing the challenge of attracting investment and pushing technological boundaries, this episode is an amalgamation of lessons on grit, forward-thinking, and the power of a compelling mission.

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