CEO Anonymous With Purdeep Sangha
Confronting Negative Behaviors In Business
September 5, 2023
Today's question: how do we deal with negative behaviors in business and in our family? We discuss the impact of dysfunction in family situations on business owners. Parmjit Singh, shares personal experiences where they found themselves struggling to align with their values in order to fit in with a group. He also talks about the importance of self-awareness in individuals, as those who lack self-awareness often engage in gaslighting behavior that challenges others' value systems. The discussion touches on how dysfunctional tendencies can be brought into work or family environments and lead to gaslighting, which is linked to poor physical and mental health and well-being. Furthermore, the importance of focusing on "being" before "doing" and "having" is emphasized, as it can lead to success and fulfillment. Overall, the episode aims to help family-oriented business people understand how dysfunction can affect their businesses and personal lives.
Welcome to another episode of "CEO Anonymous with Purdeep Sangha"! In today's episode, Purdeep Sangha is joined by Parmjit Singh to dive deep into the topic of dysfunction and its impact on relationships, both personal and professional.

Paramjit kicks off the conversation by highlighting the importance of self-awareness in relationships. He explains how individuals lacking self-awareness can engage in gaslighting behavior, which challenges the value systems of others. This can lead to significant conflicts in both family and business environments.

One common theme discussed in this episode is the tendency for people to conform to societal norms, often at the expense of their own values. Standing out and challenging beliefs can result in being ostracized or criticized. Paramjit shares his personal experience of doing things that went against his values in order to fit in with a group. However, he eventually realized the distress it caused him, as he felt like he had lost touch with himself.

Gaslighting, a manipulative technique where individuals are made to doubt their perception of reality, is also explored in this episode. Paramjit explains how gaslighting is linked to poor physical and mental health and can occur in both family and business environments. The victim is often accused of their own feelings, as others fail to acknowledge their own contributions to those emotions.

The concept of "being" versus "doing" and "having" is a key theme in this episode. Paramjit shares his realization that aligning with his own internal values provided him with the energy and momentum to move in the right direction. Focusing on "being" before "doing" and "having" can lead to both success and fulfillment.

The impact of dysfunctional family situations on business performance is also explored. Paramjit emphasizes the importance of not avoiding family issues, as this can lead to a lack of understanding of the extent of dysfunction and its contribution to conflicts. Removing oneself from a toxic situation can provide clarity and a fresh perspective.

Throughout the episode, Paramjit and Purdeep address the challenges of self-awareness and how it can make one vulnerable to criticism. They discuss the role of a supportive environment in deflating dysfunctional tendencies and creating positive change. The importance of maintaining sanity and functioning in a toxic environment, rather than rushing to break family ties or business partnerships, is emphasized.

Join Purdeep Sangha and Parmjit Singh as they navigate the complexities of dysfunction and its impact on family businesses. Tune in to this thought-provoking episode that explores the power of self-awareness, the importance of aligning with one's values, and strategies for maintaining positive relationships in both personal and professional spheres.

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