CEO Anonymous With Purdeep Sangha
The CEO Dilemma: Doing the Right Thing Vs Making Profits
February 18, 2024
In this thought-provoking episode of CEO Anonymous, Purdeep Sangha invites Sander Van Stee, the CEO of Moral Eats and a pioneering dairy farmer, to delve into the complex world of regenerative agriculture and its potent effect on food quality and public health. Amidst the practical tensions of maintaining profitability, they explore the principles of soil health and Sander's journey of aligning moral values with the fiscal demands of running a commercial farm. From the challenges of balancing idealism with business realities to the innovative practices that could redefine the industry, this conversation uncovers the critical intersection of ethics, nutrition, and economic viability. Join us as we discuss the transformative potential of regenerative farming, the importance of conscious consumer choices, and the quest for holistic health for both businesses and individuals. Discover more about Sander's mission and regenerative agriculture at Use the following discount code: “Purdeep100” to get $100 off the purchase of a 1/2 cow. If you go to to purchase the 1/2 cow **deposit**. At check out put the discount code in the notes section and you will get $100 off when making the final payment for the 1/2 cow.
Episode Summary:

In this episode of CEO Anonymous, host Purdeep Sangha engages with Sander Van Stee, CEO of Moral Eats and an experienced dairy farmer, in a thought-provoking conversation on the delicate balance between maintaining ethical practices in the field of agriculture and managing the economic pressures that come with running a business. They delve into the world of regenerative agriculture, its benefits, and the struggle to implement such practices while staying profitable in the competitive farming industry.

Show Notes:


- Host Purdeep Sangha introduces Sander Van Stee, detailing his shift from traditional to regenerative agriculture.

Key Discussion Points:

- Sander Van Stee shares his journey in the agriculture industry and his belief in regenerative farming principles.

- Purdeep outlines the financial challenges in the BC agriculture sector, including competition and climate vulnerabilities.

- The conversation pivots to the health impact of nutrient-deficient foods produced through conventional farming.

- Sander and Purdeep discuss the significance of consumer choice and education in promoting sustainable farming practices.

- The moral conflict of generating profits while adhering to ethical practices in business is examined.

The Struggle for Balance:

- Sander discusses the concept of being "equity rich, and cash poor" in the farming industry.

- There's a mention of Sander's contemplation of selling his commercial farm for a regenerative agriculture venture.

- Purdeep commends Sander's documentation approach in transitioning towards sustainable farming.

Regenerative Agriculture Deep Dive:

- Sander unpacks the 5 principles of soil health and their application to diverse agricultural practices.

- The negative cycle of dependency on agricultural chemicals and its impact on soil and plant health is highlighted.

- The potential of regenerative agriculture to enhance food nutrient density and reduce reliance on inputs is discussed.

CEOs and Performance:

- The role of nutrient-rich food in CEO performance and well-being is emphasized.

- Misconceptions about organic and free-range labeling and the value of knowing the source of your food are explored.

- Purdeep and Sander compare their shared values and dedication to innovation and animal welfare.

Agriculture Awareness:

- Discussions around farmer protests in Europe and India underline the global importance of the agricultural sector.

- Sander notes his experimental approach in regenerative farming and welfare-focused projects such as calf-at-foot dairy.

Animal Welfare and Predator Control:

- The discussion touches on the emotional intelligence and consciousness of farm animals.

- Sander describes how electrified mesh fencing is used to protect poultry while following regenerative practices.


- Listeners interested in Sander's work can find more information at


- Purdeep Sangha wraps up the conversation on balancing ethical considerations with the need for profitability in the agricultural business, showcasing the nuanced decision-making process that CEOs face in striving toward sustainability while ensuring economic viability.