CEO Anonymous With Purdeep Sangha
How Do I Raise Capital & Where I Even Start?
November 2, 2023
In today's episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Trevor Greenway, who will be sharing his insights on fundraising strategies, the importance of customer validation, and creating value for business owners. Trevor dives deep into the world of equity and convertible notes, highlighting the pros and cons of each. He also emphasizes the need for actively engaged advisers who can help business owners achieve better financial outcomes. Additionally, Trevor shares his journey of building a tool that automates business health analysis and how it inadvertently disrupted their entire referral market. Join us as we explore Trevor's experiences and learn valuable lessons about seeking capital, customer feedback, and creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders. This is an episode you won't want to miss!
In this episode of CEO Anonymous, host Purdeep Sangha sits down with guest Trevor Greenway to discuss various topics related to fundraising, business growth, and creating value for business owners. Trevor shares his insights and experiences, providing valuable information for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

The episode begins with a discussion on the difference between equity and convertible notes in fundraising. Trevor explains the advantages and disadvantages of each, highlighting the uncertainty surrounding equity valuation and the predetermined terms of convertible notes. He emphasizes the importance of having actively involved advisers who can help business owners achieve better financial outcomes.

Trevor acknowledges the time limitation of providing personalized support to business owners and shares his vision of creating a tool to automate the discovery of business owner needs. This tool would help monitor business health and assist in making proactive decisions for the future. However, they unintentionally cannibalized their referral market, as accounting firms and banks wanted to license the tool instead of referring business.

The conversation shifts to the process of raising capital. Trevor stresses the importance of validating the idea and seeking feedback from customers before approaching investors. They share their own experiences of seeking funds with just an idea and discuss the fear and uncertainty that comes with it. They also highlight the importance of clearly communicating the areas that require investment when raising capital.

Trevor shares insights on targeting specific groups of investors, such as Fresh Founders, who have successful exits in specific verticals. Learning from others' experiences and feedback is invaluable in the early stages of a startup. They also emphasize the importance of maintaining a calm and objective mindset when faced with criticism or rejection from potential investors.

The conversation then focuses on the platform that Trevor's company has developed for business owners. This platform, provided through enterprise clients such as accounting firms and wealth advisory firms, helps monitor business health and provides valuable insights for growth. The speaker highlights the significant growth potential for business owners who actively monitor their value and areas of strength and weakness.

Trevor concludes the episode by emphasizing the company's focus on creating value for customers while also generating shareholder value. They believe that by supercharging accounting firms, banks, and wealth advisory firms, they can benefit small and medium-sized businesses and create life-changing events for employees, investors, and shareholders.

Overall, this episode of CEO Anonymous provides valuable insights into fundraising, creating value for business owners, and the importance of feedback and validation in the startup journey. Listeners will gain practical knowledge and inspiration to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and investor relations.