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How Fractional CFOs Enhance Business Strategy, Operations, and Financial Management
June 27, 2024 • 51 MIN
In this episode of CEO Anonymous, host Purdeep Sangha interviews Paul Nagpal, COO of the CFO Centre, exploring the crucial role of CFOs in modern businesses. Learn about the strategic power of CFOs, the rise of fractional CFOs, and the 12 box framework that drives business success. Paul delves into the impact of AI, the importance of data accuracy, and how hybrid work models are reshaping financial leadership. Whether you’re a business owner or aspiring CFO, this episode is packed with valuable insights on leveraging financial expertise to boost growth and profitability. Don't miss this engaging and informative discussion!
How Peer Support Can Transform CEO Success: Nancy MacKay Explains
June 5, 2024 • 39 MIN
Join host Purdeep Sangha in this enlightening episode of "CEO Anonymous" featuring Dr. Nancy MacKay, CEO of MacKay Forums. With over 20 years of experience in providing peer support for CEOs, Nancy delves into the critical aspects of what CEOs should be looking for in peer groups to navigate the complexities of their roles. Discover the significance of finding the right peer group, the evolving challenges of mental health and AI, and the unique business dynamics between the US and Canada. Gain insights into how collaborative communities can help CEOs achieve work-life balance, drive productivity, and master time management. Whether you’re a CEO feeling isolated or looking to elevate your leadership game, this episode is packed with valuable advice and experiences. Tune in now!
Navigating Conflicting Priorities: Krish Sidhu's Adaptive Leadership in Diverse Ventures
May 6, 2024 • 31 MIN
Welcome to CEO Anonymous, where today's episode features Krish Sidhu, the innovative founder and CEO of The Evolved Co. Join host Purdeep Sangha as he delves into Krish's diverse entrepreneurial ventures spanning land development to lifestyle brands and his mastery in martial arts. In this engaging discussion, they explore the crucial topic of managing conflicting priorities as a CEO. Krish shares his insights on delegation, the significance of having the right team, and the exciting future of Evolve Co’s hydration and recovery products. From the strategic expansion plans to the science behind hydration, this episode is packed with valuable tips and inspiring entrepreneurial visions. Tune in to discover how Krish’s approach to flexibility and energy management can propel personal and professional growth.
Navigating New Horizons: How To Get Investors To Pull Out Their Wallet
April 4, 2024 • 36 MIN
Welcome back to CEO Anonymous, where we dive into the minds behind the wheel of today's top companies. In this episode, we have Silvio Rotilli, a trailblazer who's revving up the electric motorcycle industry with his company, Auper. From his humble beginnings in Brazil, Silvio has ridden an inspirational journey to become the CEO determined to revolutionize transportation. As we peel back the layers of Silvio's story, we'll explore how motorcycles are not merely a mode of transport but a lifeline in developing countries. He'll share with us the drive behind Auper's leap into uncharted territory, crafting electric motorcycles with cutting-edge safety technology that doesn't break the bank. Join us as Silvio discusses the challenges of making eco-friendly two-wheelers that stand out, his strategies for securing investor confidence, and how he maintains the momentum in an industry where tradition often clashes with progress. Whether you're a budding CEO, an eco-conscious commuter, or an enthusiast of disruptive technology, this is one ride you won't want to miss. Let's buckle up and get ready to hit the road with Silvio Rotilli.
CEO Strategies: Insights on Balancing a Multiple Partner Organization
February 29, 2024 • 31 MIN
In this insightful episode of CEO Anonymous, host Purdeep Sangha sits down with Vinay Khosla, the CEO of Bateman MacKay, to delve into the complexities of running a multi-partner organization. Vinay shares his journey of leading a mid-market accounting firm through stages of growth, an acquisition, and the challenges that come with managing multiple partners. The discussion offers a behind-the-scenes look at how roles and responsibilities are distributed and documented within the firm, ensuring accountability and a clear separation between shareholders and business management. As the accounting industry faces a shortage of staff and the embrace of AI and offshore staffing, Vinay provides his forward-looking vision for the future of firms like his. Listeners will gain a unique perspective on maintaining a unified company culture amidst diversity, the strategic restructuring of partner roles, succession planning, and the evolving landscape of mid-market accounting services. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the dynamics of leadership and partnership in the modern business environment.
The CEO Dilemma: Doing the Right Thing Vs Making Profits
February 18, 2024 • 41 MIN
In this thought-provoking episode of CEO Anonymous, Purdeep Sangha invites Sander Van Stee, the CEO of Moral Eats and a pioneering dairy farmer, to delve into the complex world of regenerative agriculture and its potent effect on food quality and public health. Amidst the practical tensions of maintaining profitability, they explore the principles of soil health and Sander's journey of aligning moral values with the fiscal demands of running a commercial farm. From the challenges of balancing idealism with business realities to the innovative practices that could redefine the industry, this conversation uncovers the critical intersection of ethics, nutrition, and economic viability. Join us as we discuss the transformative potential of regenerative farming, the importance of conscious consumer choices, and the quest for holistic health for both businesses and individuals. Discover more about Sander's mission and regenerative agriculture at Use the following discount code: “Purdeep100” to get $100 off the purchase of a 1/2 cow. If you go to to purchase the 1/2 cow **deposit**. At check out put the discount code in the notes section and you will get $100 off when making the final payment for the 1/2 cow.
How Do I Raise Capital & Where I Even Start?
November 2, 2023 • 35 MIN
In today's episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Trevor Greenway, who will be sharing his insights on fundraising strategies, the importance of customer validation, and creating value for business owners. Trevor dives deep into the world of equity and convertible notes, highlighting the pros and cons of each. He also emphasizes the need for actively engaged advisers who can help business owners achieve better financial outcomes. Additionally, Trevor shares his journey of building a tool that automates business health analysis and how it inadvertently disrupted their entire referral market. Join us as we explore Trevor's experiences and learn valuable lessons about seeking capital, customer feedback, and creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders. This is an episode you won't want to miss!
Making a Millionaire's Exit: Selling to Corporate, PE, and Strategic Buyers
October 15, 2023 • 28 MIN
Welcome back to CEO Anonymous! In today's episode, we have a special guest joining us, Nick Bradley, an expert in the world of private equity and business acquisitions. Nick will be sharing his insights on the crucial topic of transfer value when it comes to selling a company. We'll dive into the importance of building and structuring a business effectively to maximize its value, going beyond just financial indicators. Nick will shed light on the due diligence process conducted by private equity firms and how they minimize risk for investors. We'll also explore the concept of mergers and acquisitions and how they can fast-track growth and profitability. Get ready to gain valuable knowledge on achieving a high-value exit and making strategic business moves. Stay tuned for an enlightening conversation with Nick Bradley on CEO Anonymous.
Confronting Negative Behaviors In Business
September 5, 2023 • 34 MIN
Today's question: how do we deal with negative behaviors in business and in our family? We discuss the impact of dysfunction in family situations on business owners. Parmjit Singh, shares personal experiences where they found themselves struggling to align with their values in order to fit in with a group. He also talks about the importance of self-awareness in individuals, as those who lack self-awareness often engage in gaslighting behavior that challenges others' value systems. The discussion touches on how dysfunctional tendencies can be brought into work or family environments and lead to gaslighting, which is linked to poor physical and mental health and well-being. Furthermore, the importance of focusing on "being" before "doing" and "having" is emphasized, as it can lead to success and fulfillment. Overall, the episode aims to help family-oriented business people understand how dysfunction can affect their businesses and personal lives.
Why Every Man And Woman Needs A Prenup
December 15, 2022 • 39 MIN
Having the conversation about a prenup isn't the easiest and that's why people avoid it. But the stats show that it's the worst mistake you can make. Over 50% of couples get divorced and most of the negotiations at that point are messy. So why not save yourself the hassle? On this episode, we have guest Anna-Marie, a divorce lawyer, giving you insight on what you need to know before you get married!
Save Your Marriage, Save Your Money
November 17, 2022 • 39 MIN
We all know the devastating impact of a divorce on a family. But what about the business and financial impact as well? We have Minni Sharma, a trained psychotherapist, to discuss the importance of working through issues and how to do that!
How Outsourcing Can Grow Your Business And Improve Your Happiness
October 6, 2022 • 26 MIN
Making the decision to strategically outsource can be a smart business decision but more importantly, it can be a smart life decision. And for family businesses, it can help you grow much faster.
Mindfulness and Business Growth
September 6, 2022 • 35 MIN
When you think of mindfulness, business growth isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But there is a correlation. Mindful leadership leads to stronger and faster profit acceleration. Happy employees create better business results. Stressed employees create the opposite!!! Hear from mindfulness expert and associate professor at McMaster University, Parmjit Singh
Taxevity Interview With Promod & Jeevan Sharma
August 22, 2022 • 44 MIN
When we think of family business wealth, we don't normally think about insurance. But just like any other investment, insurance has many benefits that most of us are unaware of. Tune in to find out why and how SMART family business owners use insurance as a wealth asset!
The Key Elements of Negotiating The Good Deals
January 3, 2022 • 30 MIN
Many people feel uncomfortable negotiating and believe that negotiating is difficult. Especially with the hope of getting a good deal. However, this time the Business Brothers Podcast will discuss the important elements in negotiations to create a good and high-value deal.
8 Mistakes That People Do When Buying A Business
December 20, 2021 • 28 MIN
As a continuation of 2 episodes ago, some people may not consider the mistakes that often occur when buying a business. Here we will peel it off thoroughly. Listen to this episode's podcast to find out more.
What Are The Things You Need To Look For When Buying A Business?
December 13, 2021 • 28 MIN
In yesterday's episode, we talked about why people want to buy a business for development. This time we will share with you what other things to look for when deciding to buy a business. Listen to this episode to find out more!
Why Do People Expand The Business?
December 6, 2021 • 15 MIN
In this episode, we talk about the reason why people would like to expand the business by buying another business or even doing some acquisitions. Stay tuned to know more!
The Biggest Cause Of A Family Business Not Working With Phil Kriszenfeld
November 15, 2021 • 34 MIN
In this episode, we have a great guest who is in the family business game for a long time. Phil Kriszenfeld is a business advisor, honouring the needy greedy and dirty in the family business. We asked him about the causes when the family business isn't having the right track. Stay tuned to this episode to learn more.
The Reasons Why The Next Generation Doesn't Want To Work In A Family Business
November 8, 2021 • 20 MIN
This episode is about one of the biggest and unique challenges that can only be found in the family business. There are many reasons why newer generations don't like being in a family business. What situations do these younger generations face that make them refuse to take part in the family business? What makes them less interested in the dynamic of the business? Intrigued to learn more? Stay tuned for this episode.
When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Business?
October 18, 2021 • 18 MIN
Have you ever consider selling your business off? Especially if you're in the family business and you want to keep the legacy. Is there any perfect time? What bulls and bears that you have to go through? Well, this is something we will elaborate on for you. Tune in to find out more!
The Curse of The Second Generations
October 11, 2021 • 16 MIN
What is the curse of the second generation all about? Being the second isn't fact it can be darn right difficult. Having a business handed to you has its own challenges. Tune in to find out what they are!
The Pros of Being in a Family Business
September 9, 2021 • 24 MIN
There are many benefits that come along with being in a family business. In fact, family businesses can easily outperform non-family businesses because of these factors. Discover them by listening now...
The Challenges of Being in A Family Business
September 9, 2021 • 18 MIN
There are many challenges that come along with being in a family business. Tune in to find out what they are and how to overcome them.